I am trying to listen to all songs of Eminem, what albums am I missing, these are the ones I could find on google, help a brother out.

You’re missing:

Marshal Mathers LP, Relapse: Refill, Recovery, Eminem Presents the Re-Up, 8 Mile Soundtrack, Hell: the Sequel (by Bad Meets Evil), Any D12 Album, Infinite, Get the Guns, Straight from the Vault EP, Slim Shady EP, Straight from the Lab EP, Road to Recovery: Withdrawal, The Shady Project, Don’t Call Me Marshall, Raw & Uncut, Trailer Park Celebrity, Eminem is Back (2004, not to be confused with ‘I’m Back from 2001), and the Pre-King Mathers.

Eminem is one of those artists like Buckethead who seem to almost certainly have been made in a lab, with an almost robotic ability to crank out immense amounts of intricate content at an incredible rate, for an incredibly long time. Some songs overlap on those albums, but it’s a true fact that nobody can say they’ve heard ‘every Eminem song’. He’s just too good, with each time I do more research on him the more I find I didn’t know existed. He’s a god.

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