The Amazon rainforest has been burning down for the past few weeks, and not much is being said or done about it

I live in Ireland and we do farming responsibly here, where we don't burn down rainforests.

Funny that Ireland used to be covered by woodlands, but by the end of the 19th century it had less than 70,000 hectares of woodland, then the government had to ask farmers to start planting trees, and the vast majority of forestry plantings in Ireland are non-native species, chiefly Sitka spruce, with the consequent damage to biodiversity and the environment. So today you guys have 700,000 hectares of non-native trees growing in your backyard, very inspiring.

And guess where all that woodland went? They used the wood to build houses and ships, and the land was used for the development of your country. Brazil is a country that still has a lot to grow and expand.

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