American University Hearthstone team holds up "Free Hong Kong, boycott Blizzard" sign during Collegiate Hearthstone Championship. Blizzard quickly cuts their broadcast.

Um, Excuse you hunny, but I am not your "bud," you can feel free to refer to me as 'miss' tho, so.kindly check yourself before you misgender a trans woman again.

And I'm Canadian genius, that's why I mentioned the US in the context of its neighbours, and my family originates from Asia, both my parents were born in SE Asia, so you can shut your mouth up before you come for me miss thing, I dont need a lecture about colonialism from a cis het white dude. My family has lived under it for centuries, so no. I will not hear it, especially not from the likes of you.

The USA has decades of bloodshed on its hands in the Middle East, Asia, Latin America etc. I never denied that. I was purely speaking on the context of China in its immediate surroundings, and I used the USAs relationship with its neighbors as a point of comparison. Also it's pretty pejorative for you to refer to them so flippantly as yanks as I'm sure many of those gringito yanks put money into your patreon tin cup my dear.... maybe a bit more umm Como se dice? Gratitud? Verdad?

My advice to you would be to spend more time on your videos rather than coming for me in the comments my love. So kindly fuck off with your dirty hobo beard you freak.

Love ya!


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