Ben Shapiro Knows His Audience is Stupid

I think I'm just getting to that point where I'm too old to keep up with internet culture, and I accept that fate

regardless, going for a good faith question, because I genuinely do want to learn: where's the draw in watching some guy just read and then react in real-time to a twitter thread & news story? while a barely-followable twitch chat takes up 30% of the screen, spamming memes?

am I just way outside the target audience, and that's why this seems so...stupid? he isn't saying anything unique or convincing, this is primarily just a video of a guy reading an article out loud with his own personal comments interspersed, nothing of which his presumed audience doesn't already know and agree with. ben shapiro bad, definitely, 100% agreed. what is he adding? where is the nuance or scrutiny? am I just too distracted by the dozens and dozens of pepe spam twitch comments happening in the corner that are evidently important, given their prominence? I don't need someone to read an article verbatim to me and then tell me how to feel about it. I guess this just comes across to me as a more gen-z, left-leaning but tucker carlson-esque type appeal

I also definitely don't understand the "ben sha-bean-o" joke he makes several times throughout. is that a goya thing? that's a whole separate question I don't care as much about, maybe it's a thing

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