Amnesty International charges Palestinians with war crimes during Gaza conflict

It doesn't detract from the fact there was plainly a massacre in Gaza.

I'm not sure what 'Pro-Hamas' propoganda you are referring to, but it's self evident that any rocket has deadly potential, however the reality of that potential rarely manifests itself with a deadly result.

For all Hamas rockets, I think 2 Israeli's where killed by them (correct me if I'm wrong).

Now that's an important point of fact to consider rather than wave away or simply downvote. It's a fact that may have contributed to the Amnesty spokesman saying this:

However, Amnesty concluded that the Palestinian attacks did not justify Israel’s response.

Sadly saying just this will get you downvoted here as we can witness in this very thread! Even more worrisome are those that say that Israel is not even responsible for it's own actions.

rosinthebow : Yup, just ask Daniel Viflic how deadly the rockets are

I said they were rarely deadly. To evaluate that we have to know how many rockets Hamas fired and how many resulted in fatalities.

ZachofFables : Both attacks are not equally bad.

Israeli attacks where much worse in terms of civilian casualties, again to evaluate this we only need look at the numbers. In terms of morality, I'm happy to condemn both sets of attacks. If the aim is to preserve civilian life on either side of the border, then that seems like the only course one can take. The escalation of the war only led to more people losing their lives on both sides, not less.

ZachofFables : Since you asked, I will correct you: Thirty-three Israelis have been killed by Palestinian rockets as of November 2012,

You haven't corrected me at all seeing as this was in the context of the last Gaza conflict. This is illustrated by the title of the post, all the comments on the topic so far, and even the quote I featured from the the Amnesty spokeman, which was in relation to the 2014 war.

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