Gamers2 vs. GPlay | BO1 | 26.03.2015 | 19:00 CET

Don't mind my name. Just gonna do a quick analysis for this match. * Gamers2: The former ESC lineup and this team has a lot of potential. Gamers2, in my opinion, is like the second Virtus.Pro. We all know that this team can definitely upset some Tier 1 teams or give them a run for their money so this team is not to be reckoned with. Since this is a BO1, Gamers2 will definitely rely on MINISE to open up sites with his picks or open up Mid (whatever map it may be, Mid Control is definitely a key factor into rounds) and innocent. Innocent is more known as the "star-aimer" and that's no question; he is. Whenever the team is falling back, innocent can definitely turn it around with his plays. Rallen is more of a clutch person to me as he can just pull insane tricks that are up his sleeves. If you need a person from the team to clutch, it'd probably be rallen. Mouz is more of the lurker to me, but I haven't watched him play that much when I watch G2 matches. SZPERO is more of their down-fall player, but a player with sneaky beaky like plays. I wouldn't doubt SZPERO's individual talent if I were you. Overall, their results lately have been promising you can say. * GPlay: GPlay, another team that is not to be doubted or reckoned with. I would say this team evolves around v1c7or and spyleadeR because these are the two guys that put up numbers on the board for their team. dream3r and nkl are a duo team that are just nuts while working together. I remember watching these two play on Inferno and they just completely held it down, screaming at the other team: "Nope, get outta here. B's on lockdown." From what I've seen so far, I can't say much for bubble but rather than he's the more consistent player on his team, basically a support player. I can't say much for GPlay because they go up against Low T2 teams while G2 take on T1 and high T2 teams. * DD2 - 50/50 match up. Both teams are fairly good and bad on it and let's be honest, anything happens on D2 lol. * Mirage - 70/30 in favor of G2. They just go nuts on this map and like I said earlier, they remind me of Virtus.Pro * Cache - 60/40 in favor of G2. This team plays Mirage and Cache often and they put some good numbers up on the board when it comes to Cache. If you guys remember DreamHack Winter 2014, they put up 13 rounds against NiP, and even had the lead at one point. But then again, I think they lost to Property 6:16 on it not too long ago because they lost the first BO1 and just gave up lol. Either way, I still believe G2 can win it. * Overpass - 50/50. After the update, not sure if both teams have played or practiced on it recently. * Nuke - 80/20 in favor of G2. If you guys remembered, they gave Fnatic a HUGE run for their money on Nuke and had a solid CT side. But, they lost either way which was pretty disturbing lol. Anyways, I know for a fact that Gamers2 play Nuke more than GPlay so they give them much more time to practice with and try out new strats. I believe Gamers2 will end it against GPlay real quick. * Cobblestone - 60/40 in favor of G2. Although the update came out, I believe G2 are a strong Cobblestone team against GPlay, atleast. * Inferno - 60/40 in favor of GPlay. If Gamers2 do not start CT Side first, I believe GPlay can definitely take this map away from them and win it. Honestly, I believe GPlay is the better Inferno team as I have never seen Gamers2 play Inferno recently.

  • Prediction: G2 seem like the better team. If odds get too insane, a low ICB doesn't seem to hurt as GPlay are capable of winning since this is a Bo1. If you're not a betting addict, just fucking turn off your computer and skip before you do something stupid.
  • Odds: Right now, lounge says 71-29.
  • My odds: 65-35
  • Do your own research. Don't bet blindly because of my analysis.
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