I'll just have you know that I can not understand how Andrew Johnson was elected to the 12th district of this city. He has an education in IT. What's the point. It makes it easier for him to slander someone when he gains access to their documents. People like this should feel particularly "threatened," if per say, they slander a local Somali counterpart. What's more, this Andy was "noticed" drawing picture of tanks with NAZI flags when he was a kid. How does he end up with a career without retribution. Who will seek him out. Why do people die in this country. This conspiracy is MASSIVE. People are gearing up for world war three genocide. Than MAN, Andrew had been documented saying "that was a 'very dark period of my life." I look for the articles today and I cannot find them. What's more; as soon as I was logged on as one of these "anons." Strange things began to happen at my house. My XBOX account fell; couldn't play Halo online. My computer slowed down. I may have to go "undercover" for a bit because I can not get the word out anymore...Benjamin Fulford sat at a table with the "proposed" illegitimate heir to the Russian throne; the grandson of Anastasia. All I know is that a certain word or sentence and YOU are seen as a threat to this government. Chem trails MY ASS. Make yourself heard; if you want to make a point SPEAK UP. People will die here, I assure you. I'd rather give up the "conspirators" than the people who "theorize." I just got done warning some veterans about this on one of these...Monitoring...There was a family that died under "auspicious" circumstances; some of your "hacks" came to this too. The circumstances are well known. We can't take this lying down! This is crazy now. I really don't know what happened to Dan Markinson and the University of Minnesota. You'll have to google those names. Do what you have to.

P.S. That man in Apple Valley, Minnesota didn't die the way said he did; I would know. Certain "details" of his case were not covered. Like the fact that he was making a movie called "Gray State." About the American Overthrow. It's easy to slander someone, again.

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