Any advice for what helps? Tried things already without success

Hey, Yeah its great for chronic pain, I have a few long ago injuries and along with physio it definitely helps pain. Somedays I wouldnt be able to function. I mean I'm having to learn to walk properly again as have been walkin crooked for years, and Its helping to loosen me out so that is possible.

It does take a little time to build up in your system, Not long and effects can be felt straight away, but patience is required too. Maybe start with an oil, take it a few times a day, as you would a supplement or some medications. Then you can cut it back if you want, or till you find your ideal dose

When you ate some before..this has happened to me loads :)/ Its just cause edibles have a longer and stronger effect in the body. Even a little bit can have you worried for hours over something you did ten years ago. If that happens, (just in case), breathe, eat, and keep reminding yourself it will pass, put yourself somewhere safe, put on some disney movies and enjoy the show.

Anyway, oil or vape is really good , effects are immediate almost. That way you get to know how much suits you and whats too much or too little, and it wont last for hours like when an edible goes wrong

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