Do any atheists not support gay rights?

I used to get upset when I would hear about religious people denying gays their rights, but then I learned the truth about homosexuality. It's disgusting, unhealthy (people die from homosexuality... constantly) and culturally destructive. Seriously look up "your standard fuck party" on YouTube and you'll understand.

I have a Tia who is very religious, but she confided in me once that she was terrified of homosexuals and didn't know if she would accept her sons if they were gay. The funny part was that she was guilty about her homophobia because she thought it wasn't a very Christian thought to have.

I feel bad for gay people, but I honestly wish they would just stop being so loud. There are bigger issues the world is facing than gay marriage, and frankly the majority of the world population is disgusted by homosexuality.

Also if any homosexuals looked at or tried to interact with my kids I would be very upset. Take your STD ridden penis and fuck off somewhere else. Stop trying to turn my daughter into a fat hairy lesbian. Everything they do just upsets me. Gay guy gets aids? Solution: teach kids in school how to safely practice homosexuality. Well news flash kids can't even put their fucking seat belts on why the hell would they take the time to put a condom on their tiny penises? How will sexual education make any difference whatsoever? The administration is too busy organizing orgies that they can't even properly teach kids how to read and write, but they're going to teach safe sex?

Stop ruining American culture. Stop gaming up the streets. Stop spreading STDs as if you're on a mission to kill as many possible human beings as you can (some gays actually love to spread HIV).

Gay people disgust me. Any sane rational person who's mind isn't warped can easily recognize the truth. Newsflash: Socrates wasn't killed for being an Atheist he was killed because he was an annoying troll who butt-fucked little boys.

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