Any Christmas drama?

Partners family is minding her aunts dog who is old and has gotten very sick in the last few months. He has dementia that has been getting drastically worse over the last 2 months. At one point he was so bad he forgot he was house trained which is why he was constantly pissing and shitting in the house said the vet. His meds have doubled twice this month alone in strength. Aunt is home for Christmas and the talk of putting him down has come up a lot. There are 2 sides of the family in this argument, one thinks nothing is wrong with him because they can't visibly see the sickness so they think he's fine even though the vet says otherwise. The other side is all for putting him down because he's gone mostly blind and deaf, suffers from anxiety and constantly forgets where he is. Sister in law is convinced she can look after him which is a 24hr job because his episodes happen all the time. We all know she can't and its cruel to the dog.

Well last night after dinner the dog got up and walked around as normal till he stopped, stood still and started shaking like he was about to lose balance and fall but didn't. Literally stood in one place and didn't move a bit after the shaking stopped. Didn't respond to anything, no name calling, whistling, food at his nose, petting, nothing. People get a bit upset at this naturally except the sister in law who said she'll take care of him leaves the room while everyone is trying to help the dog. Eventually the dog comes to a little and makes it over to his bed and goes to sleep.

Aunt storms after SIL and says does she think he's not sick anymore? "Nope he's fine just old". Well Aunt lost it and told her the dog will be put down next week and that's that. SIL started screaming about murder and being unfair to her and her feelings. SIL bursts into tears and flys off the handle about nobody caring about her and her opinion. SIL is for some unknown reason thinks that the dog belongs to her which he doesn't.

Aunt left, SIL in tears in her room, MIL saying Christmas is ruined, dog panned out asleep in the kitchen.

SIL is fuming today and is trying to convince everyone she can to try and save the dog which most people is against.

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