Is anybody else beyond tired of the idea that female-on-male SA is rare?

There are female sex offenders and pedos, no doubt. Sadly a lot of survivors that are men frame it into something that it isn’t, as you say like consensual sex. Sadly also rather than obtain help, not dissimilar to their male equivalent will turn it into a sexual act that they wanted to happen. They never get help and repeat the cycle to get power over their abuser.

My best friend at college revealed to me that essentially he was raped by a friend of ours at a rave and that was how he lost his virginity. He was very regretful and felt badly saying it because she was so tiny comparatively and I think he felt badly sharing it with her bc she may have assumed he was game and felt very guilty. He still hung out with her like nothing happened. I still don’t know why. It was the strangest dynamic. He was so high however he couldn’t consent. It definitely impacted him negatively. I always asked him why didn’t you say something to her and just to me. Was very difficult bc I was angry with her after that and couldn’t help my friend, at all since he didn’t want to do anything about it except tell me.

My SO is a survivor of sexual assault by a little girl that was also assaulted and who groomed him and another girl in class to act out in back of room when they were far too young to know what they were doing. Then my SO was blamed for it and beaten when their extremely negligent teacher suddenly awoke from her slumber and saw what was happening to the poor and/or black and brown people she didn’t like teaching and relegated to the back. The school never asked him and just assumed he was the one who did it. His father whipped him and only asked if it happened, nothing more. Sadly a lot of male survivors as you say are framed as perpetrators and blamed automatically for the act occurring. Perhaps it’s because men often are expected to be the ones initiating sex and also theres this long history of many countries upholding sex abuse of minors and adults as a cool thing to do and not what it actually is:rape.

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