Is anyone else sick of having flashbacks of certain conversations they’ve had with people

No. You are misunderstanding the difference between therapy and medication. The therapy that worked for me is Cognitive Behavior Therapy. I don't know the soulution for your problem, dude I am not a doctor and don't know nothing about you. I am just sharing my experience in this thread, I am not here to give solutions, I never promise that and this sub is not a doctor's office or a miracle boot. Your expectatios are above my reach. Aspergers is not a simple thing that a pill would solve. It has other factors. I said I went to therapy and took medication to get the problem solved. The magic pill is seeing a doctor, attending therapy sessions. There are several medications. 90% of them didn't work to me. The one I take worked. Bit it didn't work to some of my friends, while other medications that failed to me, worked for them. The point is: all of us, me and a couple of friends, went to the doctor and found our ways, which were different. But all of us did the same thing that worked for us. Therapy and medication. To the other side, I know people who took some medicine without medical supervision and they ended pretty much bad. I am cautelous and conscious. If other people are not, I am sorry, I won't run the risk of putting people in danger. Many people can read the post and experiment by themselves and get into deep trouble. So why don't I say it in a private chat? Because I don't know you, I just don't know if youbare responsible or nit. By the way, you don't seem to be, bu forcing me to put people in dangerous position. Medicine to the brains is no toy.

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