Anyone know what happened to the positions on Gold's waitlist???

People cant take criticism even if its well supported. Who do I talk to about all of these problems?

-Its my last quarter at UCSB and all of my CS courses had over 20 crashers. People were standing outside of the class and exchange students were straight up told they would not get in. You would think that it gets easier to get classes but nope, it got harder.

-CSIL has a data quota of 2GB per user, yes that is 2GB in a time where memory is cheap and abundant. Do we need to start a whole donation drive to give them a few terabytes which would double/triple everyones disk space?

-CSIL should also read up on how permissions work because they dont recursively chmod students directories. Yes that means anyone can get into other students private CSIL accounts because they forgot something you learn in cs16.

-I worked in a department where files were in classic asp (depreciated about a decade ago) and only supported Internet Explorer, yes they make people use that, because VBScript was used on the server. Putting bandages on a festering wound only stalls the problem.

-Gauchospace is bloated to hell and its no wonder why every one of my engineering classes the professor has opted to using their own webpages. What does this say about gauchospace?

-Now finally on gold, they have a waitlist and its a "major performance issue" to get a person's position. You can tell me that I dont know the specifications and how its coded. What Im saying is that if calculating a person's waitlist position imposes such a performance issue that it must be taken down, I dont need to know how its coded to know its completely unacceptable and poorly written.

Yes there are staff out there who help students with their education. Saying they are "dedicating their careers" to us is going overboard. I have done my part as a student to get an education and will graduate in 4 years and the hardest part has not been passing classes, but dealing with bullshit that the school puts out. This is like buying a car with failing parts and saying that the dealership people who work/sell the car are dedicating their careers to giving you transportation. Call people out on their bad work or else we get more problems.

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