Psy 1 has been a mixed bag so far. There is an exam every other weeks, including finals week (not cumulative) on 3 topics— this is the positive. The exams so far have ranged from really difficult to supremely easy, and there have been some weird questions/issues with the exams so far. The posting schedule for lectures is also inconsistent so you often get the last topic for the exam on the Monday before a Thursday exam. There are reading quizzes on the weeks when you don’t have an exam, and a biweekly section. The prof has been pretty understanding and receptive to our concerns, I just think it’s been difficult to transition the course online. I’d imagine that different profs would have different approaches with the structure. Though it sounds a little messy I assume it’s just because of the transition. The content itself translates well to an online format and I enjoy the lecture videos. It will probably be smoother come fall quarter.

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