April Fool's Day Post | Aftermath Discussion Meta Thread

I really don't think your grandstanding made things any better. I appreciate all the support you're trying to give to those targeted often and doing your best not giving the idiots the light of the day, but I believe you accomplished the opposite of what you set out to do, at least in the short term for now.

You've given what those people wanted, too much attention and the subreddit closing for a day because of them. The best way to fight them is to downvote/delete and move on if they're not presenting an argument like an adult should. And some of those in the album are just strawmen made to look like the situation was much worse than it actually is.

It's one thing to show support and attempt to discourage trolls. It's another to give too much of a spotlight to both trolls and their targets. And you (mod team) of course are now under reasonable suspicion that you are doing it for garner what feels like cheap respect.

Trolls will always be here until the end of time, and as any subreddit gets more popular, you will always need to raise the enforcement team. Adapt, or die, as they say, brutally speaking.

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