The Age of Broken Video Games - NakeyJakey

But the thing is that there is no level of self control that everyone is capable of. The people who are constantly in and out of prison (for violence/antisocial behavior) are proof enough of this, and you can keep going down the ranks of various degrees of people with mental disorders forever

That's what I've been saying. I guess your stance is officially "fuck em, throw em to the wolves" then?

Meh, normalizing predatory corporate behaviour and throwing responsibility on the consumer who is NOT being treated fairly against these gigantic profit motivated institutions is obtuse at best and downright toxic at worst.

For example, they can encourage media outlets and reviewers to take their time on writing a high quality evaluation of the game instead of trying to rush and get more traffic by being the first publication to have a piece on the game.

Keep dreaming, you truly are living in a fantasy world.

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