Why are PC gamers such assholes to console gamers?

I've spent a lot of time in the pcmasterrace subreddit and to me there's different levels of "console hate", as it were.

The kind that you're describing is probably the most reasonably derived one, console/PC parity has been a big issue for PC gamers for 2014, especially with Ubisoft's bad rep with console ports. Although it might definitely be a result of the low returns for the effort needed in developing PC games, it's still unwarranted as many of the mistakes Ubisoft made were completely lazy. You saw a lot of this sort of fighting in the console war between Xbox One and PS4 too. More directed towards game developers than console gamers though, so the connection is somewhat tenuous in my opinion.

The second tier of hate is likely just reactionary knee-jerk anger from troll comments combed from the depths of the Internet (e.g. Youtube comments by dumb 13 year olds with usernames like #xxxxnaruto1996yolo420blazeitxxxx). People making unfounded assumptions and boasting about one platform over the other. Usually about how much PC gaming costs in comparison to console gaming. This is more directed towards certain individuals though, than just console peeps in general

Last tier is the most unreasonable, and it's just based on the fact that consoles have inferior hardware/games compared to PC games. This one is pretty dumb because they attempt to make a subjective judgement of console gamers' choice of playing on console when it's very much something that can't be generalized at all. You guys probably see this 'hate' the most.

That being said I can honestly say I don't really fall into any of these tiers, although I do have a pretty healthy dislike of Ubisoft and their games. The subreddit CAN be hypocritical at some times as they will look at 'potato' consoles derisively while being accepting of PC gamers who play on low specs. We DO get the occasional "Elitist within Elitists" who will be condescending towards anyone who has a PC worth less than $3000 or some arbitrarily high value. But just as you guys occasionally have a PC and console owner commenting in this subreddit /r/pcmasterrace gets the same sort of 'hybrid' gamers in their posts as well, who are just as likely to defend consoles as they are to defend PCs.

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