You are suddenly the president of the US. What is your first action?

If I become the president of us, first I will apply more taxes to citizens who has reached a certain point, let’s say five billions. Because any more above that are considered dead money and aren’t going anywhere, not even if they donated them because they just wanna doge tax. Second is to give Americans the rights to live instead of surviving, by pass down a law requiring all hospitals to follow a bill limits that they cannot cross nor can they refuse treatment for people who can’t afford to fucking live. And also passing down a law to reduce college fees, and set up public scholarships for people who has the ability but can’t afford to. And cut the budget of navy and Air Force, Americans can live without committing war crimes all over the world under the name of “anti-terrorism”. And also apply more tax to weapons dealers by the way, like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, general dynamics. Putting more money into education, health care, veteran treatment, free therapy, and try to chill with China. America is already full of holes, no need to act like a hero, setting up fires end up burning its own ass.

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