Around the Verse Episode 33

Personal shout-out to Disco Lando. comes up with no new ideas, and steals all the spotlights everyone else has done. shots fired

One of the most important things the Team is working on is balancing AC.
people argue things are too powerful, so there’s a new segment starting.

Matt Sherman technical designer at LA weapon changes to ballistic weapons update to the Sledge II Mass Driver Tiegerstriek on the Avenger. Sledge has a new ammo type - 60mm rail faster moving, more damage per shot, should give the Sledge a bit more punch. Tigerstriek to get the Avenger feeling more in line with what it should be 25mm round (40 dmg, vs 15 before), and a higher ammo box (1600 rounds total now) Especially on the 325a, the Sledge II feels unpowered, which motivated them to make the change.
Same with the Avenger - Tigerstriek was a bit too weak, and as the signature gun on the avenger, it wasn’t living up to expectations.
Many more balance changes to come in 1.1 great updates coming, and another balance update will come once 1.1’s out.

Ben talking with the team that designed the Orion Dan Tracy, lead technical designer Lance Powell, art direct Travis Day. First step to designing a ship starts with...pretty much these people.
identify the design need for the game - the roll that needs filling. backtrack, discuss what it’ll look like, what behaviours it’ll have, how many people will fulfill the roll, etc… When they start looking at a new ship design, they look at what’s in the game already, and what other future gaps need to be filled for mining, the biggest question was how does mining work across the game, and how will high-end mining work? Looked at PU for cargo management and how they’ll be taking on bigger asteroids. needed to come up with a larger ship to fulfill the role. how will they take on large asteroids? Need a ship that can handle a large beam to blast asteroids apart, grab the pieces, and refine them. The Orion needed to mine have a tractor component have a refining component needs to be a level feel to the ship, so PC’s can walk around Visual design comes after deciding what the needs are.
Lots of reference pictures to make sure the interior works, make sure the ore flows through the ship to get deposited where it needs to and such. Individual tractor beams that pull in smaller sections of ore, churn through the front, deposit them in the back after they go through the ship. Sounds incredibly complex. And awesome. The ship is a level. Player needs to have things to see, things to engage with.
wanted it to feel like a refinery on the inside, dirty, mechanical, lots of heat. But the player needs the ability to watch the whole process.
Kind of like a car-wash. You can walk along and watch while your car goes through.
Heard it here first! Star Citizen. All the fun of a car wash. Teases! next ships they can talk about Hull Series Starliner Espera Prowler Endeavour Crucible Reliant

Art sneak peek!

doors and ...modular designs for a cutlass it looks like. Toilets, showers, weapon racks again, lots of images.
first concept art from Foundry 42 for the Modular cutlass. Cutlass is available as a fry-flee ship this week. Cutlass Black can be flown cutlass blue can be picked up in the store too. Tarantula gun will be available for purchase. Team is hunkering down for 1.1, so send them happy thoughts ‘busy couple of weeks here’ it’s ‘on the horizon’. Next big AC release, and there’s a push to get it done.

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