This article was written about me. It explains how I was issued a citizen signed traffic ticket, that I have chosen to go to trial for. Check it out.

"What if someone called the police on another driver simply because they had a vendetta against that person, he wondered? Or because a driver looked “suspicious” because of their skin color or their tattoos? "

Then you countersue them just like you would a police officer who did the same, including false arrest.

"In Denver, citizens can report a traffic violation but they must have proof — a video or photo — before an officer will issue a citation"

That's a legal fiasco waiting to happen as the police do not get to be the jury. Woodland Park is neutral on the other hand.

Simply go to court, and when the prosecuting witness can't provide evidence (or they don't show up), make a motion for insta counter-suing for wasting your time and to arrest the prosecuting witness immediately for false imprisonment.

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