Air Force officials confirm cause of contaminated drinking water

the U.S. Air Force on Tuesday unveiled a nine-month study verifying that firefighting foam used at Peterson Air Force Base contaminated water and soil with toxic perfluorinated chemicals at levels more than 1,000 times higher than a national health advisory limit.

No one is fear mongering dude. THE AIR FORCE admitted it. KOAA didn't deamonize them. They admitted they are the source the of problem.

They confirmed that the use of aqueous film-forming foam, or AFFF, which helps put out fuel fires, led to runoff of the PFCs into water tapped by tens of thousands of residents south of Colorado Springs but said they do not know to what extent it has spread or how long it will last.

Wake up man. This isn't some tin foil hat, media scare tactic. The water is tainted. The Air Force is admitted that they are the cause. I don't get what part of the situation you don't understand.

Here's more info than just the crappy KOAA article. Educate yourself on whats going on in your community.

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