Another single white man moving to your city

This is depressing beyond comprehension. My familial bloodline in these lands goes back 10,000 years(at least). Growing up, there were never any problems with the military folk, or the conservative folk, or any other decent people who lived here. The only problems that natives are having with anyone is with the drug abusing hippy crowd that is currently trying to take over the Springs like they took over Boulder. If there are any good ol boys left(ex the cowboy cerrones) in the Springs, stop standing for this. Gutter punks won't fuck with you ever again after a single crack to their virgin noses. Back in my dad's days, Denver and the Springs didn't have a homeless crime problem because the decent men would go to where these scumbags were praying on innocent people and beat the fuck out of them. I'm not saying it's right, I'm just saying it works, and we are quickly being overrun here....

Tl;dr - Calling all good ol boys to take back the Springs from these dirty, whiney, disrespectful pussies.

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