Asking r/Washington and r/britishcolumbia also. Would you support Cascadia becoming it's own country?

Random guy living in one of the areas with bi-yearly mailers to gain support for these, just like Everyone with a USPS address out here. So I gotta ask, where is this support? I say no, my neighbor says no, the school teachers say no... What you are kinda asking for is the split of individual neighborhoods, counties away from a state, not a section of it. And let's say your idea succeeds, what about me? What about my neighbor? What about the school teachers? It's the exact same issue except the teachers would have to take a pay cut because, well that's just how America works. It was never drawn like this on purpose for the reasons you're talking about in this long thread, it just ended up that way because of where jobs were. If Eastern Oregon wants more political power they need to create more jobs, more homes, and attract more people. Until then it's just going to be a mishmash of everyone including people who very much openly vote and support staying a Whole Oregon. Your not wrong, I'm not right, we are just a couple of "neighbors" and that's how it will remain for a Long long time. As Oregonians. I do like your style, like the flyers I get in the mail too often I can see the passion. Never lose that!

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