Askreddit, what's the most interesting anecdote an elderly person has told you that has significantly changed your views in life?

Okay so I don’t know if this exactly fits, but this happened yesterday and my husband believes an elderly woman said this to us for a reason.

Background: We have two sons. We had a third pregnancy that was terminated at 13wks for a fatal defect. This was just in early September. She was our first and only girl. We are not wanting to have another right now, maybe ever.

We are out to dinner last night and this friendly elderly woman comes to our table to tell us how cute our boys are and waves at them. She comes back a bit later and repeats her same introduction and says how cute they are again. Clearly she has Alzheimer’s or some form of memory loss. She then says something along the lines of “Two brothers and the sisters still to come!” She leaves and I just feel sad since they have a sister and all of that.

So here’s why my husband thinks this was a sign of some kind. We had one time we were not careful this past month, not intentionally, but these things happen. I have been a bit worried about it, but I thought, what are the odds that one time will get me pregnant (even though all of my past pregnancies have occurred really easily and quickly). So last night I took a test. Positive. This morning? Positive. When I told my husband, one of the first things he said was this will be a girl also because of the elderly woman’s comment. I don’t know if I agree and I’m still fully panicked, but she was a very sweet woman and I guess time will tell if she was foretelling our future.

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