Australian immigration officials forced to backtrack on plan to deport criminal Adam Carey to New Zealand

Peter Dutton is a good example of the ALP's right leaning "Born to Rule" attitude. ALP , or the Australian Liberal Party is the equivalent of the National Party in Australia. The ALP would be more conservative than say the 'Hobson's Pledge' people on Auckland's north shore and have about the same sort of mentality.

I could write pages and pages on this but I will add this. The Australian Government has breached a number of laws with these forced deportations. Dutton as minister for immigration, has ham fisted his way in to a tough against crime stance, and the soft target that NZers are in insecure and precarious visa schemes are a favored target. The ALP has been in power in the Australian Senate since 2013, under Tony Abbott and in 2015 that was then handed (more or less) to Malcolm Turnbull who has had it since.

There is hope. The next general election for Australia is between August this year and May next year. A change of government, will see changes to immigration policies, and this may provide some certainty for many NZ citizens who live in Australia. Winston Peters who is one of our most long serving members, and has hopefully gained assurances from his opposition government counterparts over this. Because under the John Key government nothing got done.

So- either Jacinta & Winny get a proper deal going with the next government or NZ will miss out for another decade. We will all have to wait and see.

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