I have been frozen listening to this Dateline podcast” The thing about Pam”. HOLY HELL y’all ! Well done and actually mesmerizing.

Oh okay I know the story this is local you know she like tried to recruit some lady in a trailer park to either do her dirty work for her or actually murder this woman instead. the lady didn't fall for her ruse and did not get in her vehicle and it was like the next day that the other murder went down. the local news did a story on it and there was some home surveillance footage of her like pulling up to this lady's garage and trying to lure her in the car and the assumption was she was going to convince her to kill this person or she was going to kill them something like that. I'm so sorry I know that doesn't help but just know that before this last person she killed she was either going to have somebody else kill them or kill that person instead. I'm telling you she is truly of a serial killer 100%

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