Ben Shapiro storms out of BBC UK interview: ‘I’m popular and no one’s ever heard of you’ Shapiro snapped at the BBC interviewer

European conservatives or even politicians in general and American conservatives or politicians in general are two different things. While both have strong opinions, Europeans are capable of critical thinking and making compromises. Not always, but generally. Arguments aren't won by simply putting your opponent off, ridiculing them and being louder.

They also don't have mindless political views where they are expected to support everything their party does. If it's not white, it's black. Grey doesn't exist. And god forbid, colors.

Conservatism in the US and Conservatism in the UK are different. Values are different. Not completely, but in various aspects. No conservative of any sane European country would support their Prime Minister, Chancellor or President acting like Dictators. Thank god the justice system in the US is till in tact and the supreme court can still overturn ridiculous decisions.

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