The best time to start on FGO has come (again)

Just to clarify something because I see a lot of people missing the point of starting now:

Is it a good time to start reroll wise? Depends, do you have a lot of time and patience to reroll? Then the answer is yes, if no time and patience then the answer is no

Is it a good time to start if you don't care about reroll?

1000% yes!!! If you have even a tiny bit of interest on fgo and don't want to reroll starting right now it amazing since new players will get a lot of materials and Saints Quartz (this is the pull currency) overtime

So basically it depends on what you want and are willing to do, also something I want to repeat because it seems some people just don't fucking get it, YOU DON'T NEED TO REROLL IN FGO the best farming servants in the game are 3 1* and in the future it wil be 4, I've been playing for only 2 months and already have a 3 turn farming team for all dailies because the servants I first raised were those 1* which made everything else in the game a lot smoother, also on a side note this is arguably the biggest gacha in the world so it's not dying anytime soon if that worries you, plus the community it's super active and super helpful, if you ask anything on the hep thread you will get multiple people answering your questions so if you are someone who cares about the community on gacha games that's something you may be interested in

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