Best way to get over my ex?

Block them. But it only works if you've gotten closure, either by yourself or from them. My ex fiancé broke up with me over text and immediately blocked me for no actual reason. The night before we were cuddling in bed and talking about our future and the next day we had yet another argument because he was doing shady stuff yet again. He then led me on for a year after, unblocking me asking to meet up and then blocking me again. I kept clinging on to hope and allowing him to keep me hanging. Until one day I just had enough. I said to myself "I can't do this cycle anymore. I have to break it myself" and blocked him . The moment i made the decision I felt a weight lift and all my feelings for him dissappear. It took alot for my dumb ass to see that he was a loser. He never apologised or gave an explanation for breaking up with me over text, bad mouthing me to everyone even though he cheated on me and leading me on for a year but I made the closure for myself instead. I told myself "what will be will be" and trust me, better things and people will come. Life rewards you for letting go of negative things. I now live with my current boyfriend who it the most amazing person I know and I'm the happiest I've ever been. Breathe, let go of them and good things will come. Keep your mind on one door closes another opens.

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