Why antideprassant caused me more problems?

Maybe it designed cleverly to use legal branch of addiction. (Shrug) Honestly I predicated the side effects before checking the internet and using it by logic but my sister came in long time and forced me to use it (because I was avoiding accidently lying the become different than my liar environment and not to be like that because they are harmful and harmful to themselves) so I use the med as greed and my sister said (It not effectsstrong structure body) I was so confident about that and so I used it and I also got curious by my dad telling how it made you not care the people. And I relazied it's makes me don't care almost anything and my conscious have been lost significantly my goals becomed matter less. Now they are leaved me alone now only my mom doesn't believe the side effects and others agreed and not even care me (even more Neglected) So I tried to be kind person by not lying and being honest and telling my opinions so much and got damaged by other people. I feel like humanity just leaved me and pushed me to search about antideprassant side effects as a civizilation system. Well if you wonder how it this thing works it just block your nerves changes your hormones damaging immune system and a organ that produces hormones and affecting brain etc.. did you know sex offenders get punished with antideprassant in some country. Did you know (ah I forget it anyways ) .. Well imagine your parents give you this shit and saw you smile and so they gave you much more when its effects start to gone or cannot effect broken brain. In my experience how it affected my life ; I was super feeling anything and my emotions was unstable but I start to wake up in night with alot of sweat then when I go to job I slept and start to cannot my hold toilet because weaken muscles. Then My kickbox coach said to me why you didn't sweated you didn't trained cmon but I was then I start to telling thing that I wouldn't and so I got little bit trouble then my sweat vessels got dried up eventually my eyes becomed more sensitive and I understand how nerveous system damage can damage your body. Well It was fucking damagingly because I kept my normal routine even used antideprassant so I drank too much drink because I felt thirsty and probably damaged my kidney and now I can't even sleep thinking in night how was good my past and how I was have goals and I can remember how I was feel now How I feel almost nothing but suffering passively thank you for reading all of this text have a good day.

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