Biden agrees to meet with Putin if Russia does not invade Ukraine

Starter: The link is to a video so I'll try to summarize here. As anyone not living under a rock knows by now, Russia has been making increasingly aggressive moves towards Ukraine recently and intelligence analysts believe there will be a full invasion within the next few days. As a last-ditch effort to stop the slide to a new war in Europe, the U.S. has offered to hold a summit between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin.

Sec State Antony Blinken said Washington and its allies were also ready to respond in writing next week to Russian demands on the future of Nato and European security, which Moscow has said must be addressed to avoid it taking “military measures”.

Will this be effective? And what will the response (domestic and international) be if Biden offers Russia concessions in exchange for backing off Ukraine? In the past, Biden caused confusion among his allies just before the last Geneva meeting when he hinted that western sanctions would depend on the extent of a Russian invasion. He distinguished between a “minor intrusion” and an invasion, but he has now retracted that remark after an outcry in Kyiv.

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