Biden: Israeli annexation ‘will choke off any hope for peace’

Horseshit. I'm from an Arab Israeli background.

On paper, Israel is a democractic nation with equal rights for all, and laws that protect minorities from discrimination. And even the equality "on paper" is slowly eroding with this generation's right-wing government that has to cater to right-wing extremist and religious nutjob parties to maintain their hold on power.

In practice however, Israel has been a racist society through and through for a while now. Discrimination in University admission is rampant. Discrimination in employment is rampant (notable exception is the healthcare sector, as you highlighted).

You can be hired as a janitor as an Arab, great. Try getting hired into the bustling tech scene as a qualified Arab. Racism and discrimation against Arabs in Israel is mainstream, it is absolutely "the normal". Try going to a Jewish-owned restaurant in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem and speak Arabic (one of the country's official languages, on paper) or look a bit too Arabic - you will not be seated.

I'm sorry to bust your bubble, but the real life experience on the ground doesn't align with the nicely crafted PR propaganda you're repeating. Israel is now a thoroughly racist nation.

Admitedly, that's a development from the last geneartion - it wasn't always the case. Israel's case is also not isolated. Some parts of Europe and the USA are flirting the far-right. It's a global current that unfortunately swept across Isreal in the last generation and thoroughly engufled every aspect of its society, from schools to the military to the justice system.

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