Black Desert is a dead p2w mmorpg by /r/mmorpg

But it's not about loot, you bloody shill. For the most part you simply get a set of items, and then upgrade those items. In other games the gear you get actually has some kind of effect. Also, generally, you get to grind for the gear itself. You're done when you get the gear. In BDO, you put in an assload of hours into getting gear and then you spend another assload with the vague hopes of getting to enchant. The idea that a player not only doesn't get to participate in the core aspect of the game until they've put in thousands of hours but also allows them to get roflstomped because they aren't lucky is abhorrent.

I have a hard time believing this post is legitimate. BDO isn't a loot based game, it's an enchantment based game. At least the sword I get to drop in Diablo does something cool and doesn't just supposedly give me higher numbers that I'm not even allowed to see.

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