I'm in Canada so i dont know how diffeeent it is than there but i have been looking into it. I know multiple people who have had cps called on them for Marijuana. I've actually consulted them and their recommendation, should she call, is to actually be 100% upfront about the weed, which I don't think I could do hah.

No one I know has lost their kids due to simple Marijuana use, they claim as long as it's "not around the kid" then they don't take the kid away they have bigger issues. My aunt actually called cps on her daughter like three times cause she smoked in the room with their kid. She didn't lose her kid. My other aunt and uncle had cps called on them many many many times. They're alcoholics and abusive to each other. They somehow still have their kids, haven't lost them once.

It's treated like alcohol despite its legal status, as long as it's not excessive use and the child isn't exposed to it, they claim.

But im not sure what to think though. Plus it's been almost two weeks since I'VE done it so if they have any reason for testing or a way to legally force us to, I'm almost out of the woods, another week and lots of water I'll probably be good. Ultimately she'd fucking her son over mostly because there's no way hell pass a test he just smoked yesterday. It would backfire immensely in her face if she thinks calling cps on us for drugs will win her her son and grandson.

And you're wrong. I was NOT trying to initiate another fight, I was giving her ONE more chance to fix it because her daughter claimed she said she wished it hadn't "gone so far" and that she regretted it. So I gave her a chance to take it back. And she insulted me.

I wanted to immediately block her again but I couldn't. She's blocked me so that doesn't matter now, should she unblock me I'll block her. I intended to just say "that's not an apology", which i stuck to, but the fact that she actually thinks she'd get my child is laughable. She won't. There are multiple factors other than just her threatening me that makes sure of that. We've come to a decision on my mom and are in the works of figuring out how to make it official now. We've written up an unofficial statement on it for now.

We have a trump card if she does. I don't want to use it because I like his sister a lot and it fucks her over but it really fucks over his mom. He's all for it. He warned her we will. Hopefully that's enough.

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