Blue Seat Blogs - Please Stop Playing Tanner Glass

First, the image at the head of this article is Sheppard, not Glass. I get that she's implying he should be played, but it seems like a Glass mugshot should be up there.

Second, why would A/V stop playing him? He's shown that he has faith in Glass, with Dom and Fast capable offensively, we really need more of a physical minded guy on that line, and frankly, Glass has played worlds better the last few months.

Third, when will these articles stop? I get that he's become a scapegoat for when things go wrong, but there's always a lot of directions to point fingers. Hank had plenty of rough games at the beginning of the season, Cam's first few after taking over were decent at best, Mac has been WAY off his game numerous times this year, and Boyle has personally cost us several games. I'm not saying Glass hasn't played worse than those guys, but I am saying that we typically lose as a team, not because one player effed up. I can't remember more than once or twice this season where a single player's fuck up cost us the game. If it did, it was probably Boyle. he had a terrible 2-3 game stretch where he just got torched on Defense.

It's really easy to pull one play out of the whole game and damn someone, while overlooking the other things they did right. For example, every now and then G and Mac seem like they're on another planet and people skate right past them. Other times I can't understand how G gets back up after blocking his 500th shot off the shin, or how Mac catches that guy sprinting down the ice. No one is perfect, and Glass is no exception.

Anyway, the guy is with us, he's not being traded (now anyway), and he's been improving for weeks and weeks. I say we just get behind everyone on this team and whoever's out there on the ice - we pull for them.

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