Henrik Lundqvist.

I love Hank, but he is usually a 3 goal per game guy. Cam has been having one or two goals per game. So honestly, its a tough decision. Plus, Hank hasnt played in forever and could either be rusty or super well rested amd better than ever.

Personally, either way, Im not worried. If Hank has a bad night, Talbot, if Talbot has a bad night, Hank. We have two really amazing goalies.

My biggest concern right now is that Cam is literally on fire. So pulling him when Hank returns is like putting out the fire, HOWEVER; the team would probably rally at The Kings return and it could be an amazing night. Our defense stepped up its game ten fold when Cam was put into the crease, but Cam also grew into his own. So now we have an amazing depth in our defensive end. So my thinking is that when Hank returns we might relax on our defense and try to spark up our offense more.

Look, when Hank left, most of us were concerned. We were playing back and forth for the wildcard and it could have meant playoffs or no playoffs. Cam came in and had a shitty start...but now hes keeping tough teams at bay and we are no.1 in the league. Now we are all anxious about the King and truth is, The Rangers club and AV all know what they are doing and I am sure with whatever they decide, we will be ok.

Dont get me wrong, I want the King back on the throne, but "That Talbot is so hot right now", so its a tough decision. I feel like you shouldnt pull a player on fire....but The King needs to get hack into the swing for playoffs.

Tough decisions. All I know is that this year, the Western teams are looking up at us, and so are the Eastern. We are on top. If our offense can continue like last night, we are the team to beat in the playoffs. Teams right now are scouting us and watching us to try to figure out how to beat us. When we lose, its usually a one goal differential, and two games at a time. When we win, we streak.

We are amazing and I couldnt be more happy and prouder to be a Rangers fan.

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