a brief history of gun control

It can be hard to distinguish between a genocide and civil war particularly on legal grounds

good thing the UN ICC etc are on our side for the most part and if we do something crazy like sell machineguns to cartels, or organize arms for hostages and drugs, or is we arm jihadists in the mid east etc that wont get pinned on us as a genocide

meanwhile, if we want to demonize a bunch of countries who had the CIA fucking with them

lets look at the countries listed





notice another trend?

i live in Australia, and our prime minister recently said this to protesters protesting the rape of a woman in parliament (theres a couple of things women are pissed off about at the moment and telling youre lucky to be able to protest without being shot isnt a winner)

i dunno man, i dont think its as simple as all that, and all the countries people cite as examples of "oh they killed XYZ" like china, it was a revolutionary war, or like "che was a murderer" the facts are a bit more nuanced but they dont get the benefit of waiting till everyone knows everything because we're all told over here that we were the good guys but it was war, and you'll sit back and go "we need to wait" on yemmen where they bomb schoolbusses, sanction food and medicine (seige warfare, a warcrime) etc etc and that the saudi's being on our side wont face real justice just like they didnt when they chopped up jamal kashoggi

but sure, give it time and wait for these obviously biased bodies to tell us whats genocide and what isn't, and if they DO actually want to investigate something we or our allies did, we'll just sanction them like we did to ICC judge fatsou bensouda

like we did here (to their credit just lifted it but intl justice shouldnt be the at the whims of a president and thats my point)

because israel "the middle Easts only democracy" with the corrupt PM whose on trial for bribery and stuff, did some things that are probably war-crimes against the Palestinians (who it could be said are also facing a genocide)

we have far more evidence for war-crimes in Palestine, or in iraq or yemmen etc, thean we do for say, uighur genocide in china, but thats a "genocide" because its a "cultural genocide" and that therefore fits, but palestine isnt a genocide and yemmen isnt because we need to wait


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