When the Republicans hate you, but they dig your pew pew

I'm not going to pretend like I have a plan. I'd just like people without money to be able to get preventative services. I see people like my sister who have to work at whatever they can find with benefits, because in her case she has bad health and needs insurance. There are some great opportunities for her but she'd lose insurance for a few months and it'd be devastating. If guaranteed coverage of pre-existing conditions ever gets rolled back, she'd have to stay at whatever job she is currently at for the rest of her life.

I think it's terrible the VA doesn't get more attention. We have a weird double-standard in this country. Like..

  • Thank you for your service! You're the real hero!
  • You want mental health services? You want physical health services? Go fuck yaself.

There are problems to be fixed. I'm not sure I have the solutions, but I'd rather not lose my house and everything I own if I get laid off and then have a hospital visit in the same year.

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