Democrats have spent years denying they'll take people's guns. Not anymore.

Can you build a nuke? I could, but I would not be able to fuel it, as the government restricts the sale of most radioactive materials to facilities wherein adequate safety measures have been checked and approved to ensure a lack of fallout.

The only nuance they usually bring to the table is how hard they want to stamp on civil liberty. It used to be in the name of security, now it is in the name of "justice". I can't find one example of people trying to ban ARs wherein the legislator is looking for "justice." Perhaps you can help me? The calls that Beto made 24 hrs ago for mandatory buybacks were not seeking "justice," but were absolutely made for the sake of public security in his home town. I think you were closer the first time.

This is Boomer tier. Well, then, cheers to you young blood. Ending a post like yours with the words "full stop" only tells the reader that you are incapable of coherently articulating or arguing for the views you have expressed. Hope you grow up to be someone worth conversing with :)

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