Brits living in America - do peoples' attitudes towards you change when they hear your accent?

I'm an American dude (not white, south Asian if that gives perspective) and want to live in/visit the UK pretty badly! I hope I'm permitted to answer this even though I'm not from the UK. I have a bit of perspective though.

Yes, I love English accents. Oh my god I fell in love with the accent so much when I heard women in England with them. Never thought I would beforehand, but something about it is so attractive. I love it when I hear it on the TV.

I can't answer your question but I can give some perspective as far as the POC perspective from the other side goes. As someone who has a perfect American accent because I was born and raised here, I've still been othered even with the accent just because of my skin. It depends on where you go, but unfortunately in the US, I think race matters a lot more than it should, and sometimes people unknowingly and wrongly attach stereotypes to it. I love my country, but we have a long way to go.

In the UK people didn't care about my race too much (which I loved), but when I opened my mouth I got a few questions on a few key things (This was when Trump was just elected). People were extremely nice and accepting though.

I think you Brits do things right but that's just me. Make sure you eat plenty of stuffing!

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