Bumble: Good-looking man get 8 matches. Good-looking woman gets 1500 matches.

You gotta pay for it. If you aren't paying for a dating site you are not getting the visibility you need to make magic happen. Spending $30 a month to get laid once is a pretty good conversion of $30.

I honestly don't know how your friend has 8 matches.

I weigh over 300lbs and Live with my parents and I have more than 8 matches this week easily. (Granted I am about to have a Master's degree. I won't lie, that has been a huge boon.)

That said I've been on over 15 first dates and some second and third dates this year. Of those 15 I had regular sex with ~5 of those women for a bit. Summer kind of sucked.

Posts like yours boggle my mind, truly. I don't know how anyone could have this little luck. It usually almost ALWAYS points to a personality deficiency or something that has nothing to do with looks.

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