But I thought she doesn’t train Detro to guard?

ok I’m finally going to say it. so I’m a dog trainer & I’ve just been sitting back watching how she is with her dog. there’s a lot of problems but she doesn’t address any of them in the right ways.

the problem with this is that she has a cane corso, a naturally protective breed. I have one myself. they require a lot of training which she hasn’t done. I remember when I first started watching her that she had a dog trainer coming to her place, what happened to that? a dog has to be VERY well trained in basic obedience before you can begin to train a dog for protection. it’s crucial to have full control over your dog before teaching it to be aggressive. I get clients that have reactive dogs because they thought they could just buy a pitbull and teach it to be mean.

she had asked the dog trainer if it’s normal for a cane corso to want to sleep all day and he said yes that it’s just his breed. just because your dog is couch potato doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need walks and mental stimulation, sara.

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