[WT!] Baccano!- gangsters, immortals, and a train called the Flying Pussyfoot

That wouldn't have been informative at all. The rest of the post mentions the genres and focus of the show. You don't list a show as action genre, mention the non-linear storytelling and violence, as well as similarities to Pulp Fiction...and then later say "oh, and you might like/dislike it due to the action." Saying such a thing is so, so redundant.

You completely misunderstood my post. My reference to action was an example. I haven't seen the show, I don't know what it is about, so don't take the example literally.

I suggest reading the rest of the post more carefully. It states what the show's direction and art and music and storytelling and themes and characterization is.

Please avoid that condescending tone. That being said, as I've already written, those things do not explain what the show is about when it comes to genres, contents, pace and style.

If I'm a guy who loves SOL but dislike battle shounen, and I look at that description, I won't find anywhere something that allows me to understand whether it has a SOL vibe or not, or whether the action is pivotal as in a battle shounen or it's more like GITS SAC.

Talking about direction or storytelling is important, but it does not address the more basic elements of an anime itself.

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