Can You Describe Your First Drunken Experience?

Lived in a pretty piss poor area of Texas and my family was pretty piss poor as well.. One night in particular, my parents had left for the night because they had "forgotten to pay the electric bill" and decided to stay with a couple of friends with electricity for the night. They had left me to walk home from school all alone due to the fact that the night prior, I had made arrangements to stay with my friend for a sleep over. However, my friend had not come to school and stayed home ill. Therefore, I of course was not allowed to stay the night. So, being a 14 year old boy who was home alone with no electricity and with nobody to share in the silence and darkness... I decided to take a walk. Upon walking down a dark road made of dirt by the the apartment subdivision I lived in, I came upon a tractor in the middle of the road (the road was undergoing construction so they could make two lanes instead of one lane with numerous amounts of potholes) on top of this tractor sat a heavy weight boy (who was exactly my age apart from a few days off, found that out later on btw) and he was drinking a Mad Dog 20/20 Orange Jubilee and sobbing loudly. I walked up to the tractor and asked what was wrong with the poor fat boy, he responded with, "I've climbed up here and drank this MD 20/20 but I'm too afraid to climb down because I'm drunk". (keep in mind, we're only 14 years of age) So I climb up the tractor to talk this poor soul down. By the time I've reached the top I've realized that this boy looks like he's 10 times my age and there is no way in fucking hell this guy can be serious. (Oh no.. I'm going. To. Get. My. Ass. Raped.) So, I begin to talk him down.. turns out his mother put him out on the streets for the night because he had spent his entire week's lunch money walking to our friendly neighborhood Valero and buying ghetto wine and 40 oz. of Old English High Gravity. ( I asked to see his school I.D. to confirm his age and to further prevent any threat of ass raping) He offered me a swig of his bum wine and I kindly accepted his generous offer. After about 5 minutes from my first swig or two I began to feel that initial warmth in my stomach and began to crave more. So, with my lunch money from the past week (that I saved for emergency purposes) in hand, I convinced my drunken friend ( who appeared to be 40 years old ) to climb his drunk ass off of that tractor and we marched our asses to the Valero up the street. We bought 1 Mad Dog 20/20 Orange Jubilee and a Smirnoff ice and walked out of there like badasses. After returning to the tractor and finishing off our ghetto wine.... I don't remember what happened. I woke up on the middle of the roof of my parents apartment with the gnarliest sunburn of my life and Ramen I had eaten the night before recooked (to a crisp) on to my face. The smell of orange juice for the next few years haunted me, but my relationship with the 40 year old Mexican boy up the street became a lifetime friendship and we remain in contact to this day (I write him letters to a correctional facility)

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