I've moved from Adnan is 85% innocent to 95% innocent and here's why.

~~> -Jay told the police HOW the victim was murdered

-Jay told the police WHO killed the victim -Jay told the police WHERE the victim's car was left -Jay confessed to helping BURY THE VICTIM's BODY Science doesn't lie. Urick had a success rate of 85% when the average was just over 50%. The lawsuits that show there has been manufactured evidence, by the police and the evidence technician. The "Jay knew where the car was" is thrown into question now that the prosecution and evidence folks have been shown to manufacture evidence so we can't be sure how or if Jay really knew.~~

~~> -Syed LIED about trying to get into the victim's car before she disappeared

-Syed says he doesn't remember ANYTHING about that day - EXCEPT those things that may be helpful to him (talked to track coach, went to mosque, etc) Everything else is "Gee, like- I dunno, right?" Adnan's behaviour is completely consistent with most people exonerated by the various Innocent Projects around the country. Inez Butler testimony is discredited for a number of reasons (some directly relevant, others for criminal behaviour after the fact). Asia's eyewitness affidavit is now back and even stronger. The window of opportunity for Adnan to have committed the crime continues to get smaller and smaller. It is now down to less than 45 minutes to murder his girlfriend, hide the body for later burial, get dressed for track and be so calm that not a single person noticed anything out of the ordinary.~~

~~> -Syed lends both his new cell phone and his car to the guy who just happens to confess to helping him BURY THE VICTIM's BODY

-Syed's cellphone pings The main 'spine' of the prosecution, that the testimony supports the cellphone data and the cellphone data supports the testimony, has been discredited. The witness is no longer credible and the cellphone data is irrelevant and can no longer be used in courts today the way it was used in 1999.~~

When I got done cancelling everything out, you guys don't have much left to even discuss.

-Syed bought new cell phone day before the murder

-Syed writes "I will kill" on note discussing his relationship with the victim?


The prosecution never tested the DNA found at the crime scene. This would be one of the first things to be completed. They could test it today, they don't need to wait for the IP's request. I expect once that's completed, I'll move to 100% innocent.

This is a proper case of look at facts and discern what you want.

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