Anthem's biggest upcoming features are all being delayed until god knows when

You're basically saying: BP did an oil spill in the Gulf? Oh well, they apologised for it, let's be adult about it.

Really? Did you even read what I wrote. I clearly said people have every right to be angry. I'm as pissed off as anyone that it's not the game I wanted it to be.

The point is, getting angry because the game is broken and then getting angry again because they're focusing on fixing the core game instead of pushing out content helps no one. It's their own fault it's come to this, but if we ever want this game to improve, we have to understand it's the only viable option. Endless rage solves nothing.

By all means make your points. You're entitled to them. But trying to compare a call for level-headed thinking with being an apologist for an environmental catastrophe is just shameful.

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