Can my son's school prevent him from driving closer to school and parking off campus? (IA)

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Please read the following biographies of candidates running for city council in a nearby city. You will then be asked a few questions.

Robert is a retired high school educator who has lived in District A his entire life. He is known as being dedicated to his students, not only as a teacher but as a mentor as well. Robert volunteers with the Boy Scouts of America as a troop leader and has helped numerous students gain admission into many prestigious universities.

Sarah is a family doctor who has lived in and served the local community for over two decades. Her volunteer work includes coaching for the community youth basketball league as well as organizing trips with Doctors Without Borders to give vaccinations to children in eastern Europe and the Caribbean. Sarah has dedicated her life to helping her local and global community.

Jennifer has a history of community service, including her work with Strive!, an organization targeting low income students to help them achieve more through adult mentoring, academic intervention, and positive activities as well as her leadership of the local hospital board. She has lived in District A for 37 years and has been a staple in the community. In addition to her civic involvement, Jennifer has been an accomplished local estate planning lawyer for more than 25 years.

Michael is an influential leader who has lived in District A for more than forty years alongside old friends and new neighbors. He has helped people in the community, devoting time and resources to improving his community. Michael has served as president of the Friday Morning Rotary Club, as well as organizing the annual Run for Education, a local scholarship race. In addition to being a community leader, Michael is an accomplished businessman. He excelled in the financial industry for 20 years prior to his successful transition to real estate. He also offers his expertise as a member of three different real estate associations.

For the following questions, please drag and drop each name in the order you prefer.

Please order the candidates from your most preferred candidate (1) to your least preferred candidate (4). Robert Jennifer Michael Sarah

Please order the candidates from who you would trust to do the right thing the most often (1) to least often (4). Sarah Robert Jennifer Michael

Please order the candidates from who you believe cares the most about the local community (1) to least about the local community (4). Sarah Robert Jennifer Michael

Please order the candidates from whom you feel is the best leader (1) to the worst leader (4). Robert Michael Sarah Jennifer

Please order the candidates from whom you feel is the most experienced and qualified for office (1) to the least experienced and qualified (4). Sarah Jennifer Michael Robert

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