[Serious] ex-atheists of reddit, what changed your mind?

You know what i am guessing you are an atheist (since we are on reddit) and i am not gonna do that because everything i say anyone can make up something that would explain it even tho it's just to convince himself. Ill give you an example:


  1. Incorruptable corpses - have they been examined medically, or are they just in glass containers, and everyone is banned from touching them? They may very well be wax dummies in the latter case.

  2. Akita - I like how they emphasize that the blood, sweat and tears are all real human stuff. No shit Sherlock... Plain and simple scam of a rigged wood figure.

  3. Lourdes - Is the miracle water free? I highly doubt it. Plain and simple scam with false testimonies, done since centuries, maybe millennia.

  4. Lanciano - He solves it himself: the bread and wine could easily be switched to the flesh and blood. Magicians have a lot tougher job, their audience actively looks out for tricks, unlike congregations.

  5. Sun - Most likely a yet unknown meteorogical phenomenon. People used to be scared of solar eclipses, now we know how they work. This is something rare we couldn't yet observe enough to understand.

  6. Joseph - Early 17th century information, so I'd take it with a pinch of salt. Further unlikeliness is pointed out by the guy in the video: if he would truly be capable of anything remotely supernatural, the inquisition would have been all over him like the black plague.

  7. Martin - Again, 16th, 17th century occurences can easily be blatant lies as the word of the church was not something you could doubt, so you couldn't really confirm such things I imagine. He healed with his hands you say? Praise him, yeah, I totally believe that because I don't want to be a pariah (or a dead man). Add a few centuries, you have a saint with a history of miracles. The being in several places at once trick could be arranged easily if the church needed to forge influence by use of a living saint.

  8. Therese - Eye healed because of a rare medical occurence. I'd say the church was like: we already have half a saint with this, let's say she doesn't have to eat and drink (it's always these things hardest to observe and control, she would have to be under surveillance 24/7 by people who wouldn't sell out their testimonies), and there you have it. Try and argue with that, nonbelievers!

  9. Zeitoun - As is said in the video: random lights in the sky - must be the Virgin Mary.

  10. Clelia - Isn't even worth debunking. Random people hearing random noises. Few of them have mental problems, others are riding the wave of fame.

I am going to mention that i am not an atheist nor am i a christian, i just don't believe in scientific theories, but only facts. Stephen hawking who many people look up never received a nobel prize because everything that he said can't be proven in any way. To atheist's religion sounds like a fairy tail and to me Parallel universe sounds like a joke. That is about it.

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