Can I negotiate the price of my car with financing and then just pay off the entire loan the next day?

We didn't get far enough to see what kind of interest rate he was going to offer me because he became very uncooperative when I told him I wanted to discuss "final price" and not "monthly payment". He was like a dog with a bone on that monthly payment thing and I'll be honest with you, my house is inherited so it's paid for and my current car was paid cash for and I carry no debt at all so I can basically afford any monthly payment, I mean I could probably buy a very nice ferrari and afford the payment, I just don't have much in the way of expenses. I'm single with no kids and no house or car payment, my monthly expenses are food and utilities. I didn't want to talk monthly payment because I didn't really know what to say "uhh as long as it's under 2500 I should be ok..."

I don't really know anything about money. I inherited a small bit of money and a house and so I've never really needed to take on any debt at all. My credit rating is good because I took a credit card, used it to pay for everything I buy, and then pay it off in full every month.

I actually have about 40 grand sitting in the bank because I don't know what to do with it or how. And yeah I'm embarrassed to admit that but I've actually been thinking about making a post on this subreddit asking for help for a long time. My mother is the only real family I have and she's gone bankrupt twice so I don't talk to her about money (and I don't want her to know I have any) so I have no one to get advice from and when you start reading about it shit gets really complicated really fast.

People tell you to invest but everyone I know who had their money "invested" lost pretty much everything a few years ago and a lot of them are in really bad spots now, some of them are "ok" but not "well off" like they were, a few are just now starting to recover. So when people on here say "you should invest! It's low risk!" all I can think is "it seems like lower risk to just leave it alone".

This turned into a way off topic ramble, sorry.

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