Canada is picking up the political radicalization bug from the U.S., new report warns

Canada does not have ranked choice voting, it’s first past the post.

We don’t have compulsory voting.

I’m fairly sure we have an independent voting commission. The same boundaries apply to all parties.

We also have a multi-party system. But, there is essentially one viable Conservative party, and the centre to left vote is split between the Liberals and the NDP. The general balance is that most people in Canada tend to be left of centre, but the Conservatives sometimes get in, depending. But our Conservatives, while heading in a batshit direction to appeal to the crazies, are nowhere near as bad as the Republicans in the USA and we don’t have as many fringe crazies in general, either. The far right fringe crazies started their own party. I think they got around 2% of the vote in the last election, which is still alarming.

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